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Let Friends Upload Files to your Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3).

Receive files in your Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3).

CloudWok allows anyone to upload straight into your cloud storage . Select the cloud that you would like to receive files with, then generate and share a URL to receive uploads from anyone right into your Google Drive, Dropbox,, Amazon S3 or even Facebook Album.

Receive uploads from your own upload URL or by transferring email attachments right into your cloud. Users running their own webpage can integrate our upload service directly into their Wordpress Blog or website ( Benefit from reliable and secure service with regional servers all around the world to swiftly handle any upload - no matter the size.

Upload URLs, the so called “Woks”, also offer many features and customizations. You can limit access by setting passwords, set notifications, ask uploaders for additional information in order to distinguish uploads from different uploaders. You may also reserve custom URL names that are easy to remember, include custom texts and pictures to your upload URL or show/hide already uploaded files to let everyone download already uploaded files. All those settings can be managed for each CloudWok separately. The CloudWok FAQ provides extensive articles outlining all features.

With "Wok Subscribtions" (latest beta feature) you may combine different clouds and share content across the boundaries of a single cloud storage. “Subscribe” to some other Wok’s content which then will transfer a copy of any upload into every subscribers’ cloud storages. You can collect pictures, videos, music and documents from many people and subscribers will receive copies in their own cloud storage.

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CloudWok continual development

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